Language Testing Course Outline & Contract

  1. All students are required to attend all meetings of the lecturing session or minimum 80 % of the whole meetings
  2. The students who are atttending the lecturing sessions less than 80 % of the whole meetings are not elligible to take the final semester test. Some consequences may be subjected to those who failed to meet the agreed requirement
  3. The students are required to complete all suggested assigments of this lecture and extra assigment will be given to those who failed to meet the deadline of assigment submission.
  4. The students are required to meet all the rules and regulation of being a student of  FKIP Mahasaraswati Denpasar to be elligible to attend this lecture.
  5. Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on a set of comprehensive measures of students’ engagement in classroom activities, contribution in group discussion, invidual and group assigment, mid and final test. The scoring system will be based on the following:
a)   The score of invidual and group assigment (Nilai Tugas) and classroom activity participation
b)   Mid Semester Test (Nilai UTS)
c)    Final Semester Test (Nilai UAS)
Formula of scoring :  N = 2 TGS + 3UTS +5UAS

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