Curriculum Development in Indonesia

Language is a medium of verbal communication amongst human communities throughout the world. Through the medium of human language, people communicate, and share a wide range of meanings, ideas, emotions, feelings and a variety of life’s problems. It is hard to imagine how people could express ideas, meanings, feelings, and emotions, which are very complex and diverse, without a language. Our lives as social beings will seem less significant when the mastery of the language is very limited. Therefore, there is no question and no doubt that language plays a very vital role to the existence and meaning of a human life. In addition to verbal language, humans also interact through nonverbal language or gesture that is also a universal medium of communication. Communicating through sign language or silent language is much more difficult than communicating through verbal language because the meaning of sign language features are closely linked and bound by social and cultural values of native speakers. As a result, the communication through sign language is often misunderstood or misinterpreted, especially in cross-cultural communication. Due to the very diverse and complex problems of human life, high mastery of verbal language seems the most important requirement.
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