Assignment Validity and Validation in Language Testing

Validity and Validation Introduction 

This essay is an attempt to explain the concept of validity and validation, since it is related to the most important issues in language testing. Section 1 will define the validity focusing its importance and its relationship with reliability as another face of language measurement current. Validity, for many scholars (e.g. Shonamy 1994), is a complex issue. Therefore, I follow the opinion saying that the more we separate validity's types, the more we can measure the language tests. In the light of this state, section 2 going to consider the types and examples of validation in two main kind; an internal and an external types, paying n special attention on the construct validity as an umbrella to all other forms. It is important, also, to outline the data one might wish to collect and analyse as supporting evidence for claiming test validity. Finally, as usual, the conclusion will summarise the essay.
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Ida Bagus Nyoman Mantra was educated in New Zealand and Indonesia in various subjects related to language teaching and hospitality training. He is an experienced English and Indonesian teacher as well as highly professional hospitality trainer. His academic writing and research papers have been published nationally and internationally.

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